Golf and Bike

Montecatini Golf, with a field of 18 holes for 5857 meters par 72. The track that follows the shape of the hilly site, has some holes of extraordinary technical and scenic attraction: the first nine, with olive trees, which mark the delicate fairways of dog legs and margins of the field, while, on the second nine, hitting the image the maquis, which with the colors and scents of the ERA, the broom and dell’Alloro, are the framework. Two lakes, also located on the route, make the game more challenging.

The Mountain Bike lovers can not but appreciate the favorable position of Montecatini Terme. Near paths immersed in the green woods, the area is also much appreciated by cyclists.
Do you think the world famous Grand Prix International Larciano there is only 20 km from Montecatini Terme. Enjoy mountain biking!
Professional cycling and the Tour of Italy in Montecatini Terme
For lovers of cycling and cycle tourism Montecatini Terme is the ideal base to stay.
In the countryside and the hills surrounding the city is winding pathways with different levels of difficulty suitable for both fans of road bikes and mountain bikes.

Are you a keen golfer or you like to do some “hole” from time to time?

Do not miss the opportunity to take the offer that we propose.
The Golf Club La Pievaccia “is in the countryside, Tuscany and the path to the prerogatives of the territory is characterized by fast greens and difficult slopes.


- Golf Club The Old Pievaccia of Montecatini Terme located 8 km
- Golf Club Versilia di Pietrasanta located at 65 km
- Cosmopolitan Golf Club Tirrenia at 55 km
- Golf Club Le Prato Pavoniere located 30 km
- Golf Club Ugolino in Florence at 45 km


Conditions only to golfers:
(Only overnight)
Breakfast extra 5 euros per day
Children up to 3 years in room with parents free of charge;
Children up to 12 years with 50%;
Taxes and service included

Terms and Conditions of Race Golf Montecatini Terme

1. OFF-LIMIT (Reg. 27)
Beyond any wall, fence and / or bounded by lines and / or white poles.
Note: When the out of bounds is defined by a fence or poles of the white line out of bounds is determined by the nearest inside points of the stakes or fence posts, taken at ground level excluding angled supports. A ball is out of bounds if it lies wholly beyond that line.

2nd WATER BARRIERS (Reg. 26)

The water obstacles are defined by yellow lines and poles, at 18 the pit wall support in the green part is the obstacle of water.
The water side barriers are defined by red posts. Where there are these red lines define the margin.

All areas bounded by white lines on the ground and / or poles are blue “Land in repair.” (it is stated that all land between the holes 14, 15 and 16, although the ground is moved or carried forward to be considered an integral part of the course). Erosions in the bunker: All areas in the fairway and rough or damaged by wild boars. Deep tracks caused by the wheels of power or machinery.

The application of the rule for the ball in his infossata “pitch-mark” is extended to the entire journey.

5th Immovable obstruction (Rule 24-2)
The trees and plants with wooden guardian shall be deemed irremovable obstructions. The buildings on the game. The poles of distance indicators (white-red green start 150 meters, 100 meters white yellow green start). The wall is supporting the escarpment leading to the lower part of hole No. 4 and a ladder along the outside limit to his left. All artificially roads paved (with concrete or gravel) that run in the path, including the edges and the mouthpieces of the same. If a ball touches a power line or cable height, the stroke must be canceled and rigiocato without penalty (see Rule 20-5). If the ball is not immediately recoverable can be replaced with another ball.

6. Movable obstruction (Rule 24-1)
Stones in bunkers.
The ropes and poles to mark the passage of the cart.

7th TO DELAY DEPARTURE (Reg. 6-3 a)
Within 5 minutes 2 penalty strokes.
Over 5 minutes Disqualification.

SUSPENSION: A long shot of the mermaid.
RESUMPTION OF THE GAME: two brief shots of siren repeated.

9th SLOW PLAY (Rule 6-7):
A player and / or the team may be called for slow play
1st offense – 1 shot
2nd offense – 2 strokes
Repeated infringements – Disqualification
Round of 18 holes must be completed within 5h 20min.


The score cards will be delivered to the Secretariat before the return of the team below.

When not otherwise stated the penalty for breach of the Conditions of Tender or the Local Rules is:
Gara a 2-strokes penalty strokes

* Discounts variables on other golf courses in Tuscany with easy access highway.

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“I choose Park Hotel Moderno because I had a wonderbox and out of few hotels that were at Montecatini Terme within the wonderbox' choice it was the only one that had 'free rooms', I hardly belive that others hadn't any. About the service, the staff was very polote and professional, the receptionist showed us our room as soon as we had checked in. The room was a matrimonial suite with a huge TV and a very clean bathroom, the only downside was the fact that the room smelled like old furniture, I imagine it was because of the old carpet within the room. Although you could open the windows so it was a minor problem, as soon as I went back from dinner I closed the door and turned on the AC to heat up the room.. The breakfast was pretty standard, nothing special. The staff asked you about the beverage and brought it to you from the bar below, all the rest was self service. In conclusion, as for a wonderbox experience it was very nice and satisfying, i totally recommend it.”

Marek Artur Paszko